Participating in PoRTal 9 is a communal activity that bridges the distance between us all. It is an exercise in manners and civility, an effort in cultivating pluralism. 

We expect all participants to follow the Code of Conduct and make the event a safe environment for their fellow attendants. Breaching the Code of Conduct will force the organizers to intervene and eject any malicious elements from the convention.

Be kind
Any kind of harassment, intimidation, bullying, disruptivity, stalking, or non-consensual interaction will be considered in breach of our code of conduct.

Encourage Inclusion 

Don’t allow a person’s gender, appearance, ethnicity, age, sexuality, neurotype, or any other characteristic become leverage for discrimination. If a participant or group of participants openly engages in hate-speech inform the organizers.

Names and Pronouns

If you’re corrected in your pronunciation of a name or the pronoun that accompanies it, smile, nod and do your best to accommodate your fellow participant.

Social Lubricants

Photo and Social Media Policy

Please be mindful and respectful about when, whom, and what you photograph and publish. It’s probably more ok to take or publish a photo of a person giving a talk than a person completely immersed in an in-game situation. When in doubt, please ask.

Please ask for permission before you tag people on social media.